Serving Silicon Valley Since 1897

The Keystone company has been in the same family since its early days and it has grown and evolved much like the Silicon Valley area that it has proudly served since 1867.

Keystone has a rich history in the San Jose area - Known as Eagle Coffee and Spice Mills until 1905, in the height of its day Keystone had 12 trucks delivering groceries, restaurant equipment, paper goods and coffee to customers from South San Francisco to Carmel. Today, Keystone focuses its attention on restaurant supplies, equipment and services. However, throughout the years it has never lost touch with the spirit that started with the original family members

  • Treat our customers like they're family
  • Deliver knowledgeable, caring service
  • Provide quality products at low prices
  • Make it fun, convenient and easy to shop

It also continues to hold dear it's commitment to community service. Keystone family members have a tradition of supporting various service organizations including the Salvation Army, The Boy Scouts of America, The Rescue Mission and The Foodbank. A Rich Tradition of Serving the Greater San Jose Area.

  • 1867 - Started as Eagle Coffee and Spice Mill
  • 1894 - Eagle Coffee and Spice Mills acquired by the Hunkins family
  • 1905 - First Keystone store opened at 251 North Market
  • 1924 - First in the Bay-area to deliver goods using the Ford Model T
  • 1940 - Keystone re-enters grocery business
  • 1956 - Keystone purchases restaurant and institutional grocery business of E.H. Renzel Co
  • 1960 - Keystone business takes up almost two blocks
  • 1970s - International Commissary is founded by Henry Down Jr. Today it is the parent company of Keystone and partial owner of the Marie Callenders Company.
  • 1989 - Keystone Wholesale Grocers is sold and divided. Henry Down Jr. retains the Keystone Restaurant Equipment. Keystone Coffee is sold to Tim Wright and Keystone Grocery is sold to BiRite Foods
  • 1989 - International Commissary and Keystone Restaurant Equipment move to the West San Carlos location